Sustainability management

iZettle’s board is responsible for the company’s environmental, social and financial responsibility and value creation. Operations are run and managed by the Sustainability Management Team. The group reports directly to the CEO and senior management, who have the overall responsibility for operational sustainability, including the implementation of strategies and policies. As of 2018 iZettle is a member of the PayPal family and the result of our sustainability work can be found in PayPal’s Global Impact Report.

In practical terms, sustainability issues are integrated in the daily work of production facilities, offices and support functions. All the members of the Sustainability Management Team are responsible for working closely with the relevant people both inside and outside the company in order to make sure that skilled experts and employees are included in our sustainability efforts.

The aim is to maximise the business benefits of sustainability work, reduce the negative impact of iZettle’s business, and minimise sustainability-related risks.

Our sustainability work is governed by our internal rules in the areas of environment, ethics/accountability and HR issues. We distribute our policies to all of our employees and, where applicable, to our business partners.

The following internal rules regulate our sustainability work:

Ethics and Sustainability Policy

Sets out iZettle’s principles concerning ethics and sustainability.

IT Policy

Regulates how our IT organisation contributes to sustainable development through the IT products we buy and use.

Equality Policy

Governs our principles and work to ensure equal opportunities and rights for all staff, and also cov-ers how complaints should be handled.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

Governs how iZettle works to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Instruction for Procurement and Contract Management

Sets out the demands iZettle puts on external partners, in (among other things) ethics and sustainability as well as in which situations and in which form (e.g. contractual obligations) these should be imposed on external parties and followed up by iZettle.

We collaborate with authorities to detect suspected cases of fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. We do this through manual reporting to the authorities as well as via an automated system, which, with the help of machine learning, can pinpoint suspicious cases of illegal activity that might otherwise be hard to detect.

In addition to the legal requirements imposed on us, we also have strict rules about how our services can be used. For example, we do not allow our services to be used to pay for pornography or sexual services, to buy tobacco or prescription drugs over the Internet, or for the purchase of narcotics, weapons and games.

You can find a more detailed description of our requirements and rules at: