Small businesses have big business needs but are underserved. Top of their list is finding new customers, facing competition and navigating regulation. iZettle cuts down the barriers of entry to take part in the economy by offering innovative, easy-to-use and affordable tools to meet small business needs. We are the category leader offering tools to help small businesses get paid, sell smarter and grow.


Our payment solutions for card, online and alternative payments offer easy and flexible tools for small businesses to stay relevant in a changing and increasingly complex payments landscape. Our custom-designed card reader, the iZettle Reader, enables fast, portable and easy in-person acceptance of chip, swipe and contactless payments, including payments through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Read more about iZettle Payments

Point of sale

Our point of sale services, which include POS software, invoicing and eCommerce tools, turn mobile devices into powerful POS solutions and combine into a cohesive mobile tool for merchants to manage all sales from a single device wherever they are located. We also offer ancillary hardware products to enhance merchants’ point of sale capabilities. Read more about iZettle POS systems

Growth products

Leveraging the capabilities and insights that we have used to develop our payments and point of sales tools, we have developed iZettle Cash Advance, our financial service through which we offer cash advances on future sales. This simple and flexible way to get access to capital allows merchants to grow their businesses by investing in staff, buying more inventory or expanding their workspace. Read more

Partner applications

Through partnerships with selected key participants in the commerce ecosystem, we allow merchants to seamlessly download and integrate best-in-class third-party applications, such as accounting software, with our open platform through API integration, further reinforcing our platform with a central position in the commerce ecosystem. Read more about integrations