iZettle’s sustainability contribution

Our products and services level the playing field for small businesses. By using our tools, they can run their businesses effectively and profitably. For many small business owners, our products play a crucial role in ensuring that they have a job and the chance to support themselves.

We are active in many global markets, including countries where the banking system does not reach all citizens and businesses. In countries like Mexico we are driving change by making it possible for our users to join a banking system. This has many positive effects, and is an example of how we can impact the economy indirectly through our services.

But we do more than this. We also take part in minimising money laundering and the amount of illegal money in circulation. This is a relevant issue in all countries and in all sectors, but some are more at risk than others. We can see how corruption, tax evasion and other economic crimes lead to unfair competition and are a threat to free enterprise.

The key success factors for businesses, whether large or small, are skills and commitment. This applies to our users and our own company. Skills come in many forms and from different parts of society, which is why we focus on making it easier for immigrant labour and women to break into the growing tech industry.

We do this because we ourselves need new talent and it’s a solution to one of the challenges in our society – the shortage of skilled labour. By contributing to this issue, we create benefits for businesses and individuals.

“We help small businesses succeed in a world of giants.”