iZettle releases Software Development Kit for iOS developers

STOCKHOLM – January 23, 2014 – iZettle, the social payments company, today released its first software development kit (SDK) for iOS, providing developers with the ability to easily add payment services to their mobile applications.

The free SDK, available at www.izettle.com/developer, can be used in any of the nine countries where iZettle operates. Once integrated, a single click connects the app to iZettle’s card reader for taking payments, and then returns all of the relevant information to the app for generating receipts, as well as any associated systems such as inventory control, accounting, or customer relationship management.

“In our ongoing quest to democratise card payments we’re now opening our platform to developers who already have an app, or are working on the next blockbuster iOS app, and need a payment solution,” said iZettle co-founder and CEO Jacob de Geer. “Whether you have developed an app with a totally new take on point-of-sale systems for cafés, or a Craigslist-like app matching buyers and sellers in the physical world, iZettle’s SDK can easily be implemented to ensure the payment process runs like clockwork for both customers and businesses.”  

Early testers of the SDK report integration is extremely simple and confirm the value of adding a payment feature to their apps.

“We were happy to work closely with the iZettle team in developing one of the first tightly integrated payment device SDKs on the market, offering an awesome user experience that our customers are loving,” said Serge Sozonoff, Founder of iKentoo, a developer of iPad based point-of-sale systems.

“iZettle’s payment feature has become a central aspect of our application,” said Zeryab Cheema, Founder & CEO of Taxi 24/7 and iView Inc. “Customers increasingly use our app to book their journeys and the recent addition of a payment option thanks to the iZettle SDK has really helped boost customer satisfaction and repeat business.”

Travis Kellerman, senior vice president of operations for PosLavu, a manufacturer of point of sales systems, said: “The iZettle SDK integration process is well-designed, comprehensive, and straight-forward. The technology gives our app the functionality it needs with the security our users demand”

iZettle’s service is EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) approved and fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

An Android version of the SDK is due to be launched later this year.

Pricing and Availability
The iZettle iOS Software Development Kit is now available free of charge at www.izettle.com/developer for use in any of the nine countries where iZettle operates: U.K., Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Mexico and Brazil. Standard iZettle fees apply to transactions.