iZettle launches ‘Do your Thing’  campaign to silence naysayers

Why are carrots orange? That’s one of the questions fast growing fintech company iZettle wants to answer in its latest advertising campaign launching today. The campaign ‘Do Your Thing’ is based on true stories of people who didn’t take no for an answer and by believing in their ideas, changed the course of history.

Through three videos we meet people with big ideas from different corners of Europe: the UK, Netherlands and France. We also meet the naysayers they encountered. By putting the spotlight on revolutionary ideas from the past, iZettle wants to celebrate the bravery of small businesses.

Johan Bendz, Chief Marketing Officer at iZettle, says, “From our own experience and when talking to small business owners across Europe we noticed that there’s one thing we all have in common – we’ve all heard a lot of nos on the way. We wanted to do this campaign to show small businesses that we believe in them and are here to help them prove the naysayers wrong.”

When creating the campaign ‘Do Your Thing’, iZettle worked closely with the Swedish-based advertising agency Round & Round. On the production team was the twice Oscar nominated cinematographer John Mathieson, whose previous work is known from films such as Gladiator and The Phantom of the Opera.

Andreas Ullenius, Executive Creative Director at Round & Round says, ‘This campaign is a salute to small businesses and all the hard work they put in. We used historical innovations and ideas with a hint of humour to tell the story of one of their common barriers – naysayers.”

Starting today, the campaign will run throughout spring across Europe in digital media, outdoors and on TV channels like Sky Network, Food Network and Comedy Central.

The three videos can be viewed here.