iZettle launches brand refresh to showcase complete commerce offering

 iZettle, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, has quickly expanded from card payments to become a one-stop-shop for small businesses, offering a wide range of commercial and financial services. To drive this journey iZettle today rolls out a new brand identity, designed to showcase its complete commerce offering.

Johan Bendz, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at iZettle says, “Most people still only associate iZettle with card payments but today we can help small businesses with all kinds of payments, as well as register and track sales and get funding. It’s key that our brand both reflects and drives this change.”

Working with award winning Bold Agency, iZettle let its users play a central role in the design work. The logo is built from objects that reflect their stories and user portraits are often featured in external communication. Many graphic elements are an abstract representation of iZettle’s customers and colours as well as typography strive to be as human and vivid as they are – communicating reliability as well as playfulness.

Gia Stridbeck, Client Director at Bold Agency says, “The aim of this project was not to create a radical change, but rather to clarify what the company is today and support its acceleration into the future.”

The new branding is currently being implemented across iZettle’s twelve markets, which will continue throughout the year.