Diversity and gender equality

A company that promotes diversity and gender equality is a successful one. It fosters not only innovation and creativity, but also creates a good work environment and a dynamic and inclusive culture. In today’s competitive market, it is an important part of being an attractive employer.

Diverse work groups are more productive and healthier. Research shows that companies with more women in leadership positions perform better financially and grow faster (1). Companies with employees of different backgrounds, gender and age often have a better understanding of the consumers and the world outside the company. In our case, it is all about making a connection with our users, with women and men of different ages and backgrounds. Currently, we have employees from 60 different countries.

We focus actively on making iZettle an equal and diverse organisation. This work starts off already in how we market ourselves as an employer and organisation, and how we then go on to work on our talent acquisition. To achieve a balanced work group, we strive to make sure that at least half of the applicants for our vacant posts are women. In order to avoid bias in interviews, we also do our best to ensure that at least one female recruiter is present.

At the moment, we have more men than women (34% women and 66% men) among our employees, and we are well aware of this imbalance. Our whole industry is dominated by men and we are working proactively to change that. For example, we recently released the book “Women transforming tech” and have supported initiatives to bring more women into the technology industry for a long time. One example of such an initiative is Tjejer Kodar (Girls Code) that was created to meet the need for more female developers and Women in Data Science.

“A company that promotes diversity and gender equality is a successful one.”

Our Equality Policy sets out how we work to promote equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, belief and age. All our employees get information about our policy and we expect them to follow its guidelines and principles. We work on a continuous basis to prevent discrimination and harassment. Every report of a violation is taken seriously, and is investigated and dealt with anonymously.